Launched in early 2014, the Extreme Fitness brand produces engaging and relevant content designed to help users achieve their version of “extreme”. For some this may mean losing an extra 50 lbs., for others it may mean cutting back on sugar intake, or simply getting the body they always dreamed of having.

No matter their need, every visitor will find content designed to help build not only a better body, but a better life.


Team Extreme

Team member, Richard Maillard, explains what the brand is all about.

What’s Your Extreme Campaign

The new, revamped website has been so effective in reaching it’s target audience, that the HFPA was compelled to further their reach and messaging with an App for mobile devices. With the Globes Fan Awards app users can test their Hollywood knowledge, give opinions on Who Wore it Best, View Exclusive Red Carpet Galleries, and much more, including a chance to Win a Trip for Two to walk the red carpet and party with the stars at the 2015 Golden Globe Awards!